Meagan & Brian Marriott

“Buying your first house, although extremely exciting, can be a pretty scary experience. When we started looking into building our own home, we knew exactly what we wanted for size, layout, even flooring and countertops. What we didn’t originally realize is what we needed – a good salesperson. After meeting a variety of individuals and not being satisfied with what we were seeing, we finally met Christian. Christian was awesome to work with! He was very straightforward and honest. He walked us through each step of the buying and building process (and there are many!) and explained everything until we could understand it. He also took the time to explain alternative options and worked extremely hard to make sure we were satisfied. The best part about working with Christian is that we always knew exactly what we were getting. Christian was never “selling” us. He told us the facts and offered everything he could right off the bat, so we always knew that this was the best way we could go. In short, we trusted him. And when you are working with someone who is in control of helping you create the home you and your family will live in for years to come, trust is absolutely paramount.
We have now been living in our home for over four years and we still love it. It was built exactly how we wanted it, with the added eye for things that we couldn’t anticipate, as we had never owned a home before. Christian paid attention to these little details (like bigger windows and carefully placed light switches) and this has made all the difference in our home.
Thanks to Chrisitan’s hard work we are looking forward to many more years in our home!”

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